Who doesn’t dream of islands with palm trees, sparkly white beaches, floating in the ocean aimlessly and discovering the fairytale marine life?

The sun is always there, sometimes behind a cloud, but the sun is there: exactly 365 days a year. But the cooling breeze is never far behind. This combination ensures a pleasant climate on the Cape Verde island of Sal. Take a surfing lesson during your vacation, relax on the endless white sandy beaches or visit the cozy village square of Santa Maria. Sal is the perfect place for your holiday in Cape Verde. 365 days of sun and only a few hours by plane from Europe

It’s tempting to drink a little too much grogue in one of the local bars in the evening, but make sure you’re fresh again in the morning. For example, you can take an island tour along the villages on Sal. Start in Santa Maria and drive your rental car or organized tour to Espargos, Palmeria and Murderia. Or rent a quad and take a drive on one of the deserted sandy beaches. The range of excursions on Sal continues to grow, so you can also come to the island for an active holiday.

Off course the salt mine is the most famous attraction of the island. In this mine you can see how salt is extracted. The water around the mine is almost saltier than the water from the Dead Sea. Once you paid your entrance fee you can float around in the saltwater. But remember, keep your fingers out of your eyes, they will burn for the rest of the day. The cold beer witch you can buy next to the salty lake will taste better than ever.

Sal is salty, literally. About 26,000 people live here, who are largely dependent on tourism and fishing. Because of the climate and the ever-present wind, the holiday island of Sal is the ideal place for wind, kite and golf surfing. From your sun bed you look out at the many fishing boats that float around the pier and you can see the kite surfers whiz by on a safe distance. On the beach you will find several providers for a kite, wind or golf surfing course, you can learn how to dive or you can take a ride on a jet ski.